Access & Stairs

Whatever your application, industrial, commercial or residential, MezzStor can fabricate your preferred stair design or access solution. We can accommodate a range of heights & widths and manufacture in your preferred configuration


Just Need a Standard Stair?

MezzStor manufacture a range of standard stairs to standard heights that can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. They are also available in several gradients to suit your floor plan. In addition these can be fitted with top landings to allow for your preferred orientation to your Mezzanine. Need something completely different, then our custom service is ideal.

3D Model, Detailed Drawings & Certification

Peter had a particular vision for his new residential property that involved an external spiral stair case. Having found it difficult to find anyone either capable of doing the project or wanting to be involved he came to MezzStor. We provided a 3D model, detailed drawings & certification to allow Peter to get Shire approval, designed a manufacturing methodology that would achieve the design and provided the fabrication and installation services to realise Peter’s vision.

Fully Customised Service

Whatever height or route or tread system you need for your Mezzanine Floor or platform our team have the experience to deliver your requirements. We can incorporate mid or top landings, spiral configurations or architectural residential designs ready to accept timber treads or your other preferred tread system.

Made to the Right Standards

Stairs & Access are specialist items that require a well thought out solution. When you link this to the many different materials, components and access options it is preferable to have these items made by a specialist. MezzStor’s team offer you a specialist service for total piece of mind.