Customised or Modular Packages

Understanding whether your application would best suit a modular mezzanine floor design or a customised mezzanine floor always depends on a few simple things and sometimes a few more complex things. Either way MezzStor has the solution for you.


Modular Mezzanine Floors

Modular floors are built from a standard range of components & materials making them simple, quick and effective solutions for applications that have minimal site constraints and some flexibility over dimensions. Column spacings are pre-determined, as are steel section sizes and lengths making modular frames a great choice for simple storage & office solutions.

Custom Mezzanine Floors

Custom floors can be engineered, manufactured & designed to overcome multiple site constraints and to give very specific features and levels of finish. The most common areas of customisation are the requirement to have large spans between supporting columns and also to have an increased load rating. More subtle customisation may be in the type of finish or the level of fit-out.

How Do I Know What I Want?

The start of all Mezzanine Floor projects is a consultation to understand the intended use of the floor followed by a site survey or a review of your drawings or sketches. From this process we can determine how to create the most value from how the Mezzanine is designed. Our team works with you throughout the process to ensure you get the best options to suit your application and not just a generic product.

Are Custom Floors More Expensive Than Modular?

When comparing floors of similar load and usage the price variance between modular & custom is not much at all. Custom floors however can be built to overcome significant site constraints or provide a level of fit-out to meet your brand requirements which may vary the costs involved accordingly. Our Mezzanine floors always provide the best fit for purpose & usage balanced with value for money.