Insulated Panel Construction

Are you looking for an Office option that gives you a fantastic look but can be completed in a much quicker time than more traditional construction methodologies? If so Insulate Panel construction may be the way forward for you.


Ideal for Use With Our Modular Mezzanine Floors

Insulated panels provide a crisp, functional construction methodology that is both quick to install and does not involve wet trades. They come in a choice of thicknesses to give outstanding insulation and noise proofing capability. The standard width of insulated panels are accounted for in our modular floor range making this type of construction even more efficient.

Need a Temporary or Easily Reconfigurable Solution

If your requirement for additional work space is only temporary or there is a high chance your business will evolve to suit a different layout then Insulated Panel constructed work spaces are ideal. Having a simple fixing system means that walls can be moved or extended or even taken down very easily. Matched to the right ceiling type and other fit-out items can complete this perfect solution.

Processed Off Site for Even Quicker Installation

Each of our Mezzanine Floors have working drawings produced to ensure the perfect fit and shortest installation period. As part of this process any work spaces are measured and any appropriate items incorporated into the manufacture. The insulated panels are then ordered specifically to each job and come cut to size with any window or door openings already pre-cut.

Windows & Doors

Insulated Panel walls are easy to work with and offer a good amount of flexibility with regards to window and wall locations. Openings can be easily made to suit any size frame and the type of door and window can vary subject to it being suitable for the thicknesses of the panels