Mezzanine Storage

Does your business hold an amount of stock or has it accumulated many useful items over time that will have some use or value in the future. Mezzanine Floors are simple, easy solutions to store these items up and away from your workplace and de-clutter your operations


Customised Mezzanine Spaces

Do you need a very specific design and level of finish for your Mezzanine Floor. Sometimes the industrial look just doesn't meet your brand requirements. Customised Mezzanine Spaces give...


Storage Solutions

Has your business outgrown the space it has available inside your premises? MezzStor are experts in solving your storage problems through our steel framed mezzanine floors which can add significant space for your business...


Access & Stairs

Whatever your application, industrial, commercial or residential, MezzStor can fabricate your preferred stair design or access solution. We can accommodate a range of heights & widths and manufacture in your preferred...


Safety Rail & Balustrade

Whatever the purpose of your Mezzanine Floor, Platform or Walkway MezzStor can provide a wide range of fabricated safety rail and balustrade to finish off your structure...


Working Out the Best Frame Solution

Our Mezzanine Floors allow you to achieve the best use of your available space by matching the design to the benefits you are looking to gain. Whether you require different load capacites across your floor, increased spans to remove the need for support columns or any other specific item our Storage Mezzanines can help you.

Don't Be Caught Out With Inadequate Capacities

300 kg per m2 sounds like it will be suitable for storing many items but it is amazing how many times it is notenough. MezzStor offer two standard load ratings of 300kpa (300kg/m2) & 600kpa (600kg/m2) and for when that isn't enough our custom range does the job

Not Sure Exactly What You Want or How to Achieve It?

MezzStor have a team of specialists with decades of experience in their fields of expertise. From Structural Engineers, Fabrication experts & experienced site crews our team are able to bring their wealth of experience to deliver the solution you require.


Loading & Unloading Heavy or Bulky Items

Storage mezzanines are often loaded by means of a forklift truck using appropriate access methods, however some applications may require the use of existing overhead cranes or pulley systems. In addition moving items around the floor (e.g. pallet trucks) can often require change of materials or capacity. MezzStor incorporate all these items into the design for the perfect solution.