Retail Sector

Mezzanine Floors provide retailers with a simple way to increase usable space in existing premises through accessing the unused space that can sit above existing sales areas to either add more valuable sales area or to provide out of sight office or storage space.


Cost Effective Spaces Designed to Maximise Your Retail Space

Every retail space is different and configuration of mezzanine floors are important to maximise the best use of space and return on m2. Our mezzanine systems are fully customisable to allow you to achieve the exact configuration, look and usage requirements you need to get the most out of your available space.

Go Up a Level, the Perfect Idea for Storage and Office Space

Rents & leases can be very expensive and having to lose valuable retail area for storage or a suitable office or staff room can make a location unviable. Auto One faced a similar dilemma when looking at a prime location. The location was perfect but the sales floor not quite big enough. This problem was solved by installing a storage mezzanine at the rear of the premises with the new usable space making the store ideal.

Optional Fit-out Solutions

Our Mezzanines can be ordered as a frame, fully installed & waiting for your nominated shopfitters to fit-out your new space or alternatively we can provide a turn-key services to give you a quality fit-out in line with your brand. Our quality local manufacture, fit-out partners and tradesmen provide fit-outs to all levels of finish.


Stairs, Balustrade & Storage Options – Whatever you need

MezzStor manufacture a full range of steel stair, hand-rail & balustrade to match the different uses of mezzanine floors. Our local team ensure that your items are made to suit your particular requirements & brand. For those wanting something different we can incorporate Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Glass and other materials to provide the perfect finish.