Why MezzStor?

We are passionate about opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for your business by providing you the means to access free, unused space and remove growth constraints


Efficient Use of Space

MezzStor believe that the efficient use of space within your building allows you to grow and improve your business performance by maximising what you already have.

Our Mezzanine structures allow you to create new possibilities for your business without the expense & risk of up-sizing.


We believe that your business has the room to grow and improve way beyond its current level and that we can help you begin that journey upwards. We want to see your business move to another level.

At MezzStor our team are experts in giving you the platform to realise these improvements

Access the benefits of our Mezzanine Solutions

Achieve More With Your Existing Resources

Efficient use of your premises enables you to achieve more whilst maintaining your existing facility costs by leveraging the free space already in your building that cannot be utilised without moving up to a level above your existing floor space.

Simplified Operations

Being able to lay out your processes and people in a way that streamlines your business is a great way of uncomplicating the way your business has evolved to through space constraints. Improved layouts and workflows become ultimately possible.


Creating the Space to Become More Profitable

One of the greatest benefits of increased space is the ability it gives you to organise your business in the most efficient and productive ways. Having limited space restricts your opportunities to operate effectively and can add unnecessary costs into your operation.

Freedom to Create

Removing constraints and opening possibilities allows you to review your business plans and objectives and consider alternative direction that really will take your business to another level.