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Some customers prefer to receive their mezzanine floors in kit forms as they have the resources and experience to install them ourselves however most customers take advantage of our experienced in-house installation service for total piece of mind.
Yes, absolutely. Our expert in Applications is available to assist you with all Council Applications to ensure they are structured correctly and include everything necessary to comply with Building Regulations & local requirements. This makes the process so much easier to complete
Modular floors are made from standard components that are a pre-determined length or height. Where there are none or limited site constraints a modular system is a very quick and easy way to get a mezzanine floor with either storage, offices or both. Where there are constraints on dimensions and capacities or you need long spans etc between columns a customised solution may be the best option as we can incorporate a number of design features and components to meet every need. Often there is very little difference between custom and modular solutions from a cost perspective, however the greater the constraints on site costs could increase to deliver specially engineered solutions
MezzStor have a range of payment options available (subject to terms & conditions) to make acquiring a mezzanine solution an achievable item for most customers. For more information on these please ask MezzStor to explain these when putting together your proposal
Mezzanine floor solutions are perfect for adding much needed office space for your business. Our team are happy to discuss your office and fit-out requirements and to incorporate these items into our proposal so you can access a simple, one-stop-shop service inclusive of most fit-out items and packages
MezzStor bring years of experience in fabrication and installation services and coupled with our project management skills, supplier partners and in-house specialists we can offer a total turn-key solution to ensure you have the minimum stress and most satisfaction
MezzStor and our solution partners are geared up to offer a fast, efficient and cost effective service. Coupled with our modular systems, local manufacturing workshop and in-house installation teams means we can mobilise and complete projects very quickly if required
MezzStor offer two standard load ratings on our floors (3kpa & 6 kpa). These standard ratings cater for most general requirements. We can also incorporate increased load ratings for specific sections of our floors (e.g. 10kpa for larger archive storage). If your requirement is for a higher live load rating no problem! Our custom floors can be made to cater for almost any requirement. Just tell us what you need and we can give you the best solution possible.
Our standard load ratings of 3Kpa & 6 Kpa allow for up to 300kg/m2 & 600kg/m2 respectively so cover most things. However the load is calculated to be spread evenly across the square metre. Racking systems often have 4 narrow posts holding up the racks. This means instead of the weight being distributed evenly across the square metre it is concentrated into 4 small points. The force pressing down on these posts can be in excess of the designed load rating of the floor or the type of floor boarding used as a consequence. It is therefore important to consider how items will be stored and to ensure the floor is built to accommodate the planned usage
Our modular floors are designed to use standard components at pre-determined spans. When operational or building constraints are more significant a custom mezzanine is probably required. Our team will come and understand your exact requirements and note any specific constraints and then ensure our proposal gives you the exact solution you require to make the mezzanine work in your application. As we manufacture our own floors here in Balcatta we are able to certify & incorporate any such requirements into our floors.
MezzStor understand that for many reasons mezzanines are required now but might not be a permanent requirement. The most common example is when a client rents premises and only has a year or two left. They do not want to go to the expense of a mezzanine only to have to leave it behind. To assist with this and other reasons we can either install a mezzanine floor solution that is easy to dismantle and to move to another site (our modular range is perfect for this) or in certain circumstances (subject to terms, condition & status) we may offer a hire option to allow the floor to be utilised as required and then returned at the end of the period to MezzStor. For more information contact us now