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Mezzanine Floor Definition

A mezzanine floor, is an additional floor installed in a building which is partly open to the floor below, or which does not extend over the whole space of the building. At MezzStor we specialise in industrial & commercial steel mezzanines, such as those used extensively in warehouses which are common in Perth and Western Australia.
Mezzanine floors allow you to double your floor space in a quick, affordable and easy way. No wonder they are more popular than ever!

Mezzanine Floor in Perth
Mezzanine Floor in Perth

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

With the rising cost of commercial and industrial real estate a mezzanine is a great choice to access the unused space above your head that you are already have and are paying for. Whether you are looking for more space for an office or storage, or any other requirement our team can help.

What a mezzanine floor allows you to do:

  • Access the unused space in your existing building without having to upsize or extend your building
  • Access this space almost immediately without extended lead times & hefty relocation costs
  • Increase available office area by elevating additional office space in the space above
  • Increase your production capacity by elevating more production space in the space above
  • Increase the available space you have in your building by elevating your storage space in the space above

This results in the following benefits: 

  • Maxime your existing space as you can utilise a smaller building size
  • Save significant costs over the long-term as a mezzanine is cheaper than paying additional rent & council rates on larger buildings
  • Make your building work for you through optimised workflows and production through a more versatile design


mezzanine floor design
Mezzanine Floor Design & Construction

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mezzanine Floor?

As a general price range, our mezzanine floor projects in Perth range from $6,000 to $250,000 AUD. The major factors that impact price are the mezzanine floor space required (sqm) and the loading capacity (kg) of your mezzanine.
Additionally the spans between columns or supporting structures and the type of floor material can vary costs significantly. An efficiently designed mezzanine frame can offer significant savings
Our team at MezzStor understands that one of the most important considerations is how much it costs to build a mezzanine floor.
You can use the below calculator to get an indicative free price estimate today, however the best method is to have a free site survey which allows all the variables that can impact on pricing to be considered. This calculator is based on a structurally certified 11.0m x 4.2m mezzanine configuration at 4.5Kpa (450kg/m2) including floor boarding plus one stair and safety rail. These rates include standard installation costs at a clear site. Please note your proposed usage & site conditions may vary these prices

Please Note: Prices can vary significantly from the above subject to usage requirements & site conditions – Contact MezzStor for more information. All our floors are manufactured to the Building Codes of Australia

Mezzanine Floor Requirements

We offer various options for mezzanine flooring, finishes & fit-outs of your mezzanine levels to allow you to achieve the finished project you are looking for.
Our team will recommend certain types of mezzanine floor specifications and configurations depending on what you are looking to achieve and your day-to-day operations.

mezzanine flooring Perth
mezzanine flooring

How will you be using the mezzanine structure?

In order to determine what mezzanine floor you require, the MezzStor team will go through a number of specific questions with you to ensure you get a mezzanine floor that exactly suits your needs. Some of these questions include:

  • What will you be using the space under and over your mezzanine floor for?
  • Will there be shelving, machinery, or pallet storage on the structure or a mezzanine office? Is the weight spread or concentrated?
  • What are the mezzanine floor load capacity (kg) requirements? Will your floor carry heavy loads?
  • How will your products be lifted/moved onto the mezzanine? By hand, forklift, pallet jack etc?
  • Do you want office space incorporating into the mezzanine and if so how will you want this to be configured

mezzanine storage solutions

Types of Mezzanine Flooring Surfaces Products

Depending on your particular use case, we have the following surface options available for your floor:

  • Particle Board Flooring
  • Ply Wood Flooring
  • Steel Mesh or plate Flooring
  • Concrete tile Flooring
  • Concrete slab flooring


Mezzanine Floor Kits

Our mezzanine floors are made as either modular or custom designs to allow you to achieve your exact requirements. They are not a one-size fits all mezzanine like many suppliers offer.
All our floors are structurally certified by a Structural Engineer and come with detailed marking plans that allow you to choose either a fully installed package or a supply-only mezzanine floor kit wherever you are located
Please note that installation of mezzanine floors involves lifting and fixing heavy items and installation should not be attempted by persons who are not appropriately trained or do not have the correct equipment.

Mezzanine Frequently Asked Questions

How much height do you need for a mezzanine?

The height required for a mezzanine floor or platform is determined by a number of things and this is one of the items we consider during the design of your mezzanine floor.
As a starting point the minimum ceiling height for a ceiling in Australia is 2.4m. This generally requires a building height of at least 5m to allow for this requirement below and above the mezzanine
If you are unsure about this the team at MezzStor will be glad to advise you further.

How thick is a mezzanine floors perth?

On average, most of the mezzanines we provide have a frame thickness of 170 mm to 380 mm. There are a number of factors that can affect the thickness of a mezzanine floor which are all allowed for in our mezzanine designs.

How are mezzanine floors constructed?

A Mezzanine floor can either be bolted or connected directly to the existing structure of the building or can be designed to be freestanding. The mezzanine structure consists of support beams and columns that are made from steel. The flooring is often supported by metal joists. The mezzanine area usually has a staircase for access to the mezzanine level and are usually fitted with a safety rail system or balustrade along any exposed edges.

Do industrial mezzanine floors need planning permission?

Generally, permits are required to add a mezzanine to your existing structure. These can be obtained via your local Shire or Council. The first step is the Development (Planning) Approval. Following that, the Building Permit is required for all non-residential additions and extensions.
There are a number of factors applied by local Councils to determine if permissions will be granted, many of which vary depending on the use and size. Additional considerations are applied for mezzanines over 200m2

MezzStor are happy to discuss this aspect in more detail when looking at your mezzanine floor requirements and can assist with a service that specialises in structuring these types of applications

Learn more about additions and extension permits: City Of Wanneroo

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