Columns, Beams & Brackets

Smaller projects can require fabricated steel items like columns, beams & brackets and larger projects can have a need for some items fabricated quickly to keep things moving. Having a local, fast, reliable service makes things easy to get sorted.


Fabrication Service

Whatever you need for your project, Angles, Flat Bar, Pipe columns, Beams or Assemblies for roof or other structures, our local fabrication service is here to help you. Email or call in with your drawings or sketched requirement and we will fabricate your items, often within 24-48 hours.

Choice of Construction Methodologies

Due to a change in working processes Fairfax Media required a change of access needing supporting columns removing for one of their key maintenance work areas. MezzStor responded quickly to the enquiry with a site visit and had a replacement beam Engineered, Fabricated, Painted and installed all within the clients desired time frame.

Laser Cut Components

Often fabricated items require laser cut components to be welded onto the Assembly. MezzStor will handle all of these requirements through our Laser Cutter partner to ensure your items are exactly as required

Choice of Surface Treatment Finishes

Different projects & sites have different requirements for anti-corrosion treatment of steel items. Unless specified as untreated black steel most items will require some sort of prime or surface treatment. Whatever you require from red-oxide, zinc, hot-dipped galvanised or Duragal material with cold-gal weld treatment we can provide the appropriate surface treatment.