Customised Mezzanine Spaces

Do you need a very specific design and level of finish for your Mezzanine Floor. Sometimes the industrial look just doesn't meet your brand requirements. Customised Mezzanine Spaces give you ultimate brand control.


Customising Your Mezzanine Space

Mezzanine Floors are not just ideal for storing items in a warehouse or adding general office space they can also be a highly prominent feature in your business and used for showrooms, additional retail display areas, cafe’s & waiting areas or to position special items specific to your business for public display to name a few.

Custom Floor and Stair

When W. Fairweather & Son were awarded the contract to build TJM 4×4’s new retail outlet they needed a mezzanine floor specialist to manufacture and install a mezzanine that would be used for a display/showroom feature in the new outlet. MezzStor supplied this custom floor and stair featuring a heavy steel frame which was fitted out with a solid concrete floor and feature glass balustrade to give TJM the high quality finish that they were looking for.

Whatever Your Need or Concept Mezzstor Can Help

Every week we are contacted by companies looking to achieve some very unique uses for our Mezzanine Floors, all wanting to use them to achieve or support a unique and exciting new feature of their business. Our expert team work with these clients to finalise a design and deliver the solution when the project is given approval.

Our Scope Can Be Part or All of Your Requirements

Our local manufacturing workshop and skilled partners & installers give us the flexibility to undertake a small part of your plans or all of your project. Whether we just fabricate and install the steel frame or are tasked to add electrical, air conditioning or security packages to our scope of work we have the team to deliver a quality solution.