Real Estate Sector

Quick & easy solutions for developers, real-estate agents, owners & tenants to turn warehouses, units & factory spaces into ideal work spaces. Our expert team take away the stress & hassle of having to sort out additional storage and office space in your premises with our full range of mezzanine solutions.


Turning a Building Shell Into a Perfect Working Environment

Our mezzanine solutions are ideal for occupants moving into new premises or expanding into existing ones. Sizes, heights & office or storage spaces are all configurable to your exact needs and in most cases all the manufacturing and preparation can be done off site making our mezzanines a fast & clean option for your new space.

Short Term & Temporary Options

Looking for a temporary solution that can be easily installed as well as taken down and moved at a point in the future? Our Mezzanine floor solutions are perfect for these scenarios and can be designed to allow you to easily dismantle and re-install in a different location in the future

Shire & Council Approvals

MezzStor can help with any Shire & Council Approval requirements. Our specialist in Application Submissions will review your requirements and ensure that the application is compliant to all necessary standards & codes as well as structuring your submission to increase the chance of of a successful approval.

Fit Out Packages

With MezzStor you can choose to have office space installed just with walls in place for you to do the rest or we can take care of ceilings, carpet tiles, doors & windows too. Our team of specialist partners also provide power, date & light packages, air conditioning packages & security packages.