Office Solutions

Mezzanine Offices give your business the room it needs to take on growth and improve & increase the services you offer. Whether you are just looking for functionality or to make your business look like 'a million dolllars' we have an Office Solution for you.


Whatever Your Reasons……

The need for office space is often for two main reasons. First that your building is just a shell and office fit-out is your responsibility or that the offices included in the facility are no longer sufficient for your needs. Our range of Mezzanine Office solutions can cater for any scenario giving you an easy, stress free solution.

Custom Mezzanine and Custom Office Fit-out

Reilly Contractors had moved into their new premises for just over a year before their business outgrew the current office arrangement. Needing to form production offices and staff rooms below the mezzanine and a high finish Board Room and suite of offices upstairs MezzStor provided a total solution with a custom mezzanine and custom office fit-out

We Can Make to Your Drawings or Provide a Full Solution

Our Mezzanine Floor Office Solutions can be made to any configuration or specification. Either provide us with your existing drawings or we can call upon our expert team to design and engineer the perfect solution.

Different Options for Different Uses

Our Office Space solutions come in a range of materials and finishes to match your intended usage and also how much flexibility you need moving forward. From more permanent methodology to temporary methodology we can help you achieve the perfect space for now and for the future.