Custom Fabrication

MezzStor provides a specialised custom fabrication service to clients who have unique requirements for fabricated steel items. Drawing on years of fabrication experience our team can ensure you can get your desired items no matter how simple or complex the fabrication component is.


Do You Need Help With Your Fabrications?

Custom fabrication items take many shapes and sizes and often involve more than one material being connected together. Our team have helped many clients from spiral stair cases though to custom made canopy’s, gates & fences. Whatever you need we can help.

Part of the Building

Woodlands had a local government client who needed a customised chess table made to match existing furniture at a library. The table needed an ornate frame with a Jarrah timber table surround with a full chess table inserted into the top. MezzStor took on the project including seating and completed the project to the total satisfaction of our client and the end user.

Supporting Western Australia

In today’s economy many purchases are made for products from suppliers outside of Western Australia. MezzStor, being a local manufacturer, are supportive of any organisation that needs local fabrication to make products comparable or better than those obtained from Eastern States or Overseas. For steel items often the freight to Western Australia is high and can make local supply competitive. Contact us now if you have such a requirement.


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Innovators Welcome

MezzStor bring a unique set of skills to the table coupled with ‘an everything is possible’ attitude. As a result we are actively working with several clients on innovative projects that involve steel fabrication that if proven will open up whole new opportunities in their chosen market sectors.