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Different Circumstances, Different Options Mezzanine Floors

MezzStor recognises that the need for a mezzanine floor is driven by many circumstances. Some floors are a permanent enhancement of an existing building, some are semi-permanent, just until a building lease runs out and then need re-locating and some are only needed for a couple of months. The need is equally as strong but the circumstances are very different. We supply mezzanines for all circumstances and will payment options to suit.

Finance your Fit-Out as well Solution

Some customers not only need a mezzanine floor but require them to have a full fit out that includes offices, electrical, air conditioning, alarms to name a few. Subject to status our Finance Options (up to $100k) can include all these items to allow you to get a full solution whilst spreading the cost over a number of years so you can utilise your working capital for your operational activities.

Short-term Hire Quicker Installation

MezzStor can also help with some shorter term requirements. Occasionally clients may have a need for a mezzanine to cater for a short term need such as a specific contract or until a current lease expires. We can either design a floor that can be easily dismantled and relocated or (subject to availability) we have a small range of modular floors that can be hired for set periods.

Quality Product, Affordable Options Doors

All our Mezzanine floors are made locally in Perth. They are fully engineered and Certified and carry a 5 year warranty on all workmanship. As a business we support local employment, Apprentices and Work Experience for school aged persons looking to gain work skills. We strive to provide the best, local product in Australia and give a wider access to obtain a mezzanine through our various payment plans. Support local industry – Buy local.